At AA South Florida Dentistry, your dental office of choice in Miami, we know that a dental emergency is unpredictable.

If you or a loved one are experiencing a dental emergency and you think it may be life-threatening, please proceed to your nearest hospital emergency room. One of our skilled team members will be happy to work with the physicians to ensure you maintain optimal oral and overall health. If you’re not sure your current situation requires urgent dental care, please call our office for guidance.

If your tooth is damaged and you are suffering from dental pain, it is important to contact a dentist immediately. If you are suffering from pain, swelling or bleeding all of our doctors have after-hour contact numbers for existing patients. In the event of a dental emergency, both new and existing patients will be provided appropriate care in a timely manner.

Dr. Robert Faine prides himself on our ability to always provide the same day appointment if you are in an emergency situation and need to be seen as soon as possible. Call us at (305) 661-9556 and we will put your worries and pain at ease.